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An elegant and unique fragnance diffuser creates an aromatic ambiance in any interior. Whether it is your home or office, fragrances make your space more welcoming and appreciating. Zodax gives the right addition to every interior! Meet the all new zodax home fragnance designed to amaze your senses with its spellbindingfragnances.

Zodax home fragnance productsare a beautiful addition to any room. Using porcelain, the diffusers are designed in attention-grabbing figurines with a wick inside, which extend down into the liquid fragnance of the glass vessel. It draws in oil from beautiful glass jars and diffuses the perfume throughout the room. The scent wicks up and diffuses into the room from the surface area of the porcelain figure. It comes in a lovely box, which makes an ideal for gifting to your loved ones!

From the fragnance to the packaging, Zodax crafts each item with care, quality, and an acute attention to detail. Zodax selects botanical, epicurean, nature-inspired, or aromatherapy fragnances from the best perfumeries around the world and designs coordinating packaging to create home fragnance collections that harmonize fragnance and design. Over 150 fragnances of Porcelain Diffuser Oil Refills are available inside zodax home fragnance products in most of their delicate scent


Zodax was founded in 1990 and has grown tremendously in size and scope over the past 26 years. Today, the company is a recognized leader in the development, design, and distribution of home decorative accessories. The versatility and depth of the zodax home fragnance product line have enabled us to gain distribution with a wide and varied range of customers. Our roster includes better gift shops, furniture stores, restaurants, event planners, spas, décor and accessory stores, to name a few.

We maintain permanent showrooms in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta. In addition to the leadership position Zodax enjoys in the American market, it also has a major presence internationally. In 2004 we built a fully automated, state of the art candle production facility in Southern California which secured our position as a trend setter in the rapidly growing home fragnance arena.

Our Mission Statement at Zodax can be stated as follows: "To be a top source for high design and high-value products for every area of the home and every design-influenced aspect of living”.


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