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Nourish and nurture your skin with Thymes bath products – One of the best botanically enriched formulations enlivened with fresh and engaging thymes fragrances to give you a lavish bathing, every day.

Thymes is a pure-plant-based bath essential that cleanses, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin in pleasing fragrances. Natural fragrance is at the core of every product, assuring a soft and supple body after every wash. The high-quality herbal ingredients pamper you from head to toe. In short, Thymes give an exceptional bathing experience with the most luxurious bath and body care product for your skin. All products are handcrafted personally to make you feel good from inside-out.

Unique Formulation Philosophy

Thymes bath products blend hypnotic fragrances that are complex, expressive and uniquely Thymes. These fragrances are specifically developed by expert chemist to give a pleasurable bathing experience to every user. Thymes choose to use natural, plant-based products, to avoid any skin infection or perfume irritation. They are botanically sourced, which is rich in nutrients and naturally efficacious. The items are completely free of Parabens, SLS/SLES and Phthalates.

Body Wash - Thymes body wash is a hydrating, emollient-rich botanical cleanser. This shower gel is a sensuous bouquet of flowers, which gently cleansing skin with glycerin, jojoba oil and honey. It blooms when combined with water to lightly perfume skin with premium Thymes fragrance. Thymes Bath Salts - is long, luxurious soak in skin-softening, natural Epsom salts. Its skin-softening, natural salts are formulated with moisturizing jojoba oil and soothing Aloe Vera to leave a smooth supple skin after every bath.

Body Lotion – this is Thymes best-selling formula. It features luxuriant emollients of Shea butter and humectants glycerin to soothe and nourish skin. There is a Bubble Bath to nourish and indulge your senses in moisturizing bubbles, in the rich essentials of botanical conditioners and fragrance that blooms in water, leaving a whisper of scent lingering on your skin.

Thymes candles give a long-lasting fragrance and pure, welcoming ambiance. This high-quality candle blends food-grade paraffin wax for a refined, clean burn. And, the Cologne & Eau de Parfum is artfully crafted by hands-of-experts to blend familiarity and intrigue, resulting in emotionally captivating fragrances designed to resonate and refresh.

Thymes have a rich and vivacious collection of aromatic bathing products. All blends the same formulation – Sooth your skin and calm your soul!

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