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Well-groomed, well-defined and well-shaped brows frame your eyes and change the look of your face.
Eyebrows are an important facial feature. They define the eye area and provide a number of facial expressions that frame, enhance and open the eyes. Shape and define your brows using the Golden Rule to achieve a divine brow look!


1. Your brow must be lined up with your nostril. Start lining up the side of the bridge of your nose with the inner edge of your brow. This is the point where your brows should start.

2. The highest point of your brow is the arch. To determine your arch, diagonally line up your nostril to the outer corner of the iris of your eye.

3. To mark where your brow should end, align diagonally your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. These are the three points of your eyebrows. Mark these points with a brow pencil and start shaping your brows.

Prestige Brows

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