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Ouidad is dedicated to empowering individuals with curly hair to understand, enhance and love their hair.

We believe in humbly and consistently serving and educating our customers, team, and community. Success will follow. We are committed to providing exceptional service that is personalized, empathetic, truthful, respectful and proud.

We place education at the core of everything we do and are devoted to educating our stylists and customers about the unique needs and solutions for naturally curly hair.

We are the pioneers of the curly hair revolution. We formulate products exclusively for curly hair — working from the inside out — to leave hair healthy, manageable, and frizz-free. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality, results-oriented solutions for all kinds of curls.

We create a welcoming environment that is an oasis and refuge, where curly haired people feel at home; where their individual stories and desires are heard; where their hair is understood and appreciated.

We belong to a global curly hair community and leverage our resources to make a difference in our community every day, not just once a year.

We believe our employees ARE the company. They’re our most precious resource. They are filled with knowledge and passion for our mission, and are eager to help.

Are you feeling irritated over your snarled tresses? Does curly hair limit your hairstyles? Then, you need Ouidad, the curl experts to define and perfect your ringlets and keep the frizzes at bay.

Ouidad is a professional hairstylist product, offering curly-haired women the freedom to embrace endless options and enviable texture. A curly hair has its own language, and no two curls are the same; their internal structure varies and so does the flow of the hair too. Ouidad identified them as Loose, Classic, Tight, and Kinky and developed a signature line of products that complement each type. Because every curl has their own big plans!

Ouidad hair products combine decades of experience with the latest in scientific breakthroughs. The unique series of hair products use the most sophisticated ingredients and nourishing botanicals to strengthen every strand from the inside out. Ouidad delivers the promised results – you will have no maintenance hassles and styling limitations. Volumize, enhance texture, and lock in style!

Ouidad covers the widest collection of hairstyling products coming straight from Ouida salon near you. There is hair reviving spray to bring the bounce in your hair, Curl-saving shampoo to offer deep nourishment akin to conditioner, unique hair treatment oil to solve almost all your curl concerns –from lack of shine to split ends – with its magical powers. Also, a curl styler will give a tight hold to completely-out-of-control and unruly hair.

Curls are beautiful, brilliant, and brave. Let them deck out with confidence and shine. Bless them with Ouidad hair essentials to ensure that your hair – rejoice their originality in distinctive style. Stay hydrated, healthy and happy!

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