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Imagine enjoying the warm, unmistakable glow of a real flame without worrying about messy wax or soot. Lucid Liquid Candles is, fortunately, the best answer to keep your home beautiful forever. They are refillable candles that never meltdown. They keep their beautiful form forever, without leaving any messy wax behind.

Lucid Liquid Candles are extremely exotic candle which gives a spa-like exposure to any indoor. They look and feel like real wax candles but, are made of polymer (which never burns down) and the body holds liquid paraffin (which is refillable) burning via a fiberglass wick allowing for clean, natural candlelight. There are even different fragrances like ruby, natural or Florentine, which can fill a room with romance and elegance. They come in customized design styles and classic solid colors so that you can reinvent any interior in personalized styled. Inspired by textiles, fashion, antique engravings and decorative arts, there is a Lucid Candle to complement your personal style.

If you are looking for long dinner table candles that fit your favorite candlesticks, then Lucid Liquid Candles is your best-pick. No carving, no sticky wax - tall and straight every time. Lucid Dinner Candles feature the Universal Adapter - a flexible end piece that fits securely into virtually any candlestick. Fit it to any candlelight dinner table, holiday celebration or Jacuzzi spa-room. You can never go wrong when you are selecting something that lasts as long as you wish.

The candles are extremely gorgeous. Lucid loves creativity and respects traditions! That’s why; each and every Lucid Liquid candle reflects a true essence of uniqueness. Standing alone or in a group, they look fabulous even when they are not burning. Add these candles to your table, to invoke a curiosity among the guests, to ask more compliments and to bring a piece of conversation to your friends.

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